Annual Waterway Cleanup *

Project or Activity: The Annual Waterway Cleanup is one of this county’s largest environmental events. Adult supervision is required for participants 15 years old and younger. Each year the Annual Waterway Cleanup attracts more than 2,500 volunteers from many neighborhoods and communities throughout Broward County. People of all ages come out in their boats and along the shores to clean all kinds of debris from the waterways.
Contact Information: Marine Industries Association of South Florida; Phone: 954-524-2733

Adopt A Street

Adopt-A-Street is a collaboration between Broward County, participating cities and their residents. Groups agree to adopt half a mile or more of a street in Broward County and remove the litter four times per year for two years. Cleanups are completed on a quarterly basis. The County provides organizational help, cleanup supplies, free disposal, and Adopt-A-Street signs with your group’s name displayed
Contact Information: Adopt A Street; 954-474-1835; litterprevention@broward.org

Save The Manatee Club

Save the Manatee Club is an award-winning national non-profit and membership-based organization established in 1981 by renowned singer/songwriter, Jimmy Buffett, and former U.S. Senator, Bob Graham, when he was Governor of Florida.
Project or Activity: Volunteer, make a financial donation, or adopt a manatee
Contact Information: SaveTheManatee.org

The Arthur R. Marshall Foundation

Based on the principles of visionary environmental advocate, Arthur R. Marshall, Jr. (1919-1985), the mission of the Foundation is to develop, promote and deliver science-based education and public outreach programs central to restoration of the greater Everglades ecosystem and its historic “River of Grass”.
Project or Activity: Opportunities include providing administrative support,
working on outdoor environmental projects, mentoring young people, serving on event and project committees, and helping with community outreach efforts.
Contact Information: ArtMarshall.org/volunteer; Phone: 561-805-TREE


Water.org is challenging the traditional approach to assisting people in developing countries. Its goals are to draw attention to the world’s number one health problem, unsafe and inadequate water supplies, and to raise funds to help fight this immense problem – one community at a time.
Project or Activity:

Get Social
Follow Water.org and spread the word. Watch the flicks and share pics online.

Compete for a Cause
Join TEAM.Water.org to promote the clean water cause at races and events.

Build the Movement
Educate others with lesson plans and infographics.

Start a Fundraiser
Start a fundraiser, get your friends involved and make a difference.

Contact Information: Water.org

Nike Reuse-A-Shoe

Nike Reuse-a-Shoe takes worn out athletic shoes and grinds them down to create a new material called Nike Grind, which is used to make high-quality sports surfaces including courts, turf fields, tracks and more. There are a number of organizations dedicated to shoe donations, where lightly worn shoes are collected and sent to communities or individuals. Nike Reuse-A-Shoe is different because they take worn-out shoes – ones that would otherwise go to landfills – and recycle them into something new, like tracks, playgrounds or materials for new Nike products. If your shoes still have life in them, research shoe donation options in your area. But once they reach retirement, Reuse-A-Shoe is the place to go.
Concerned about the environment and committed to making a difference? Talking trash just won’t cut it – take action.
Project or Activity: Bring up to 10 pairs of shoes to any Reuse-A-Shoe collection location, which can be found at most Nike and Converse retail stores.
Contact Information: Nike Reuse-A-Shoe

International Coastal Clean-Up

All year long, organizations and individuals across the globe take part in Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup to remove trash and debris from the world’s beaches and waterways, identify the sources of that debris, and change the behaviors that allow it to reach the ocean in the first place.
Project or Activity: Organize and participate in a coastal clean up with family and friends.
Contact Information: OceanConservancy.org; Phone: 800-519-1541

Project Medishare for Haiti

Project Medishare is dedicated to providing comprehensive health and development services and building capacity in Haiti. Project Medishare’s work saves lives and forms the foundation upon which larger social change is built.
Project or Activity: Make a donation, shop online, donate supplies, volunteer, raise awareness, or start a fundraising team.
Contact Information: Project Medishare for Haiti; Phone: 305-762-6448