Israel Resources

Finding it hard to keep up with all the information regarding the current events in Israel? Overwhelmed? Confused?
Here are some helpful resources for you to better understand Israel and its current crisis.  Thanks to The Union for Reform Judaism and Jewish Federation of Broward County for putting them together.

The URJ stands firmly with our siblings in Israel – Jews and non-Jews alike – who are the victims of this deadly onslaught by Hamas. At the same time, the images of Gazans suffering because of Israel’s necessary strikes to eradicate Hamas’s military infrastructures reflect a painful and tragic loss of life. While some see this conflict in only stark black and white terms, it is intensely complex.

To help navigate this complexity, we offer the following resource guide, including material that may be helpful in laying out the context and nuances of this latest round of violence between Hamas and Israel.

In-Depth Framing:

News Articles:

Political and Historical:

  • A concise piece posted to Facebook: Ittay Flescher, an Australian/Israeli journalist and educator, shares helpful resources for looking at news and how to how to make sense of the deluge of information available.



Israel: Story & History:

Israel Timeline: A Journey Over 3000 Years




Current Events – Israel Crisis 2021:

What: Major Escalation in Israel

Why: Why Did This Start?

Sheikh Jarrah: The Story Behind The Story

Webinar Recordings:

Pre-Shabbat Brief Update on the Ongoing Violence in Israel

New York Times: For the Sake of Peace, Israel Must Rout Hamas

WSJ: A Third Intifada Is Unlikely But Hamas Is Trying To Start One

What The Fires Don’t Mean


Deep dive:




Israel & Antisemitism

  1. How can we act effectively today?
    1. Contribute to Israel directly thorough the Emergency Fund.
    2. Educate yourself. Share these resources with others so they can do the same:
    3. Urge Members of Congress to Stand with Israel – sign on your behalf, and share with at least one more friend/family member, preferably those who live in other areas across the U.S. to allow a wider outreach to elected officials.
  2. How can we act effectively for the long term?
    Get involved. Make sure you know what resources you have available to you.