Local Programs to Benefit Education


Adopt-A-Classroom increases opportunities for student success by empowering teachers with community partners and funds to purchase resources for the classroom. A donor selects a classroom and makes a contribution for the teacher to use and purchase much needed resources for the classroom. Donors may search for classrooms by geography, school name, teacher name or other search criteria. If a donor has no preference, Adopt A Classroom partners the donor with an underserved classroom in the community.
Project or Activity: Collect money or school supplies for classrooms in Florida or throughout the United States
Contact Information: Adopt-A-Classroom; info@adoptaclassroom.org; 877-444-7666; 4141 NE 2nd Avenue, #203B, Miami, FL 33137

Youth Mentoring in Broward County Schools

Now more than ever there is a need for mentors to serve as role models and provide youth with guidance and support. Caring adults can play a vital role in helping students deal with the challenges they face. Mentoring is a powerful way to support education and make a real difference in a child’s life. Share what you know – become a mentor today. Mentoring is simple and easy! Choose a school, get matched with a student, meet weekly and just talk, or play games, or read, or whatever you and your student decide you want to do. The main thing is to make the commitment to spend quality time with a student in a Broward County school.
Project or Activity: Mentoring, Participation Guidelines: adults only; 1 hour per week during the school year.
Contact Information: Broward County Public Schools, Youth Mentoring Programs Department; 754-321-1972; Wanda Robinson, Administrator.

Take Stock in Children, Broward County

Take Stock in Children was established in 1995 as a non-profit organization in Florida that provides a unique opportunity for deserving low-income youth/students, many from minority families, to escape the cycle of poverty through education. They offer students college scholarships, caring volunteer mentors and hope for a better life. The comprehensive services start in middle school, continue through high school and include their transition into college.
Project or Activity: Be a mentor; make a donation; become a corporate partner.
Contact Information: Take Stock in Children of Broward County; 754-321-2577

Kids in Need – Books In Deed *

Kids in Need – Books in Deed is a non-profit organization that brings free books and free author visits to kids in need throughout the state of Florida. The fund is housed by the Florida State University Foundation. Proceeds go to buying books for underprivileged children in the state of Florida where high level matching funds are available.
Project or Activity: Donate Books: Book Drives are simple, easy, and direct. If you would like to set up a collection box for new books (or slightly used) for kids in need, just get in touch with contact Kids in Need – Books in Deed and they will give you the contact information of a school or organization serving those kids. You can collect and ship the books directly.
Financial Donations: A monetary donation is also a great way to give. Kids in Need – Books in Deed can get books at a discount and therefore get more books into kids’ hands.
Contact Information: David Scott

Russell Life Skills and Reading Foundation *

The Russell Life Skills and Reading Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to providing young people with the fundamental tools essential to succeed. It does this by emphasizing the importance of reading as a purely educational tool and as a means through which young people could experience the world beyond their immediate communities. The program was started by former Miami Dolphin linebacker Twan Russell.
Project or Activity: Donate goods or service, financial donation, volunteer to share a life skill or personal success story.
Contact Information: Russell Life Skills and Reading Foundation; 954-921-3787; info@russellreadingroom.com

First Book

First Book provides new books to children in need addressing one of the most important factors affecting literacy-access to books. By providing new books to children in preschools and after-school programs, mentoring and tutoring programs, shelters and day care centers and beyond, First Book provides resources to empower teachers and administrators. With access to high-quality books, educational materials and more, these caring leaders can better teach, plan curriculum and impart a love of learning, elevating the quality of the programs and opportunities available to children in need.
Project or Activity: Monetary donations, volunteer on an advisiory board, fundraise, or hold a virtual book drive.
Contact Information: FirstBook.org; 202-393-1222