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Habitat for Humanity Musician’s Village in New Orleans

Musicians’ Village: Hurricanes Katrina and Rita forced many musicians to flee New Orleans. Jazz, Blues, and other genres that are the city’s musical score, cannot return until the musicians return. Facing rising housing costs, a shortage of decent units, and a national mortgage crisis, the Musicians’ Village is providing local musicians and other qualifying partner families the opportunity to own a home in a thriving community of committed individuals and families. Conceived by Harry Connick, Jr. and Branford Marsalis, the Musicians’ Village consists of 72 single-family, Habitat-constructed homes and 10 rental units for the older “music masters” of New Orleans. Its centerpiece will is the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music, dedicated to the music education and development of homeowners and others who will live nearby.
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Give the Gift of Music

While music can be a great gift to give to a friend or a loved one, there are children, hospital patients and others who could use the gift of music to make them smile. Unfortunately, music education programs and musical instruments are not always available to people who truly need them. With Give to Those in Need, organizations are highlighted whose mission it is to brighten the lives of others with a gift of music. The organizations listed accept donations to help fund various musical initiatives, whether it be to get instruments into classrooms, provide free lessons to underprivileged children, or by giving an iPod to a nursing home patient. To help these organizations succeed, they need people like you.
Project or Activity: Visit the Give the Gift of Music website for information on various musical causes where your support is needed.
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