Palm Caterers Passover 2020 Menu

It is in times like these that we need to depend on each other for support. Although we are all going through a difficult and unsettling time, we are going through it together and together we will come out stronger as a community, country and world. As days pass, we need to find comfort in the fact that we are moving toward a common goal of health, peace and overall happiness. Each day brings new challenges and brings about positive steps to overcome these challenges. Please keep your head up and let’s move forward together to achieve our goal of a healthy atmosphere for all of us to enjoy and for us to live a long healthy, happy & prosperous life.

Palm Caterers is offering a simple Passover pick up menu to get our congregants and friends by during this difficult Passover. We are asking our Temple members and friends to order from us in hopes of keeping a few of our key staff members afloat during these tough times. Please take a moment to review the menu and feel free to call us with any questions that you may have. All of us certainly appreciate the opportunity to serve you.


Meal Details:
All meals will be available in groups of two (2), four (4), six (6) and eight (8) guests. Special arrangements for groups larger than eight (8) will be accommodated and priced accordingly. Each meal will be packed in its own individual, microwavable container to cater to each guest separately aiding in social distancing and to avoid unnecessary sharing of serving utensils. Think of it as your own personal Passover meal that, in a pinch, can be carried across the Red Sea, through the desert and into your living room.


Sanitation Guidelines: 
Our limited staff will be wearing all necessary gloves and masks to ensure proper sanitary conditions within our already sanitary kitchen at Temple Dor Dorim. Considering Palm Caterers is a family-owned and operated business, we will be taking every measure appropriate to ensure that our staff is healthy while working in our facility. Each morning before starting work, our staff will be required to take their temperature before entrance is allowed into our facility. Every working day at 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm each member of our staff will be required to take their temperature again to ensure the health of our staff and ultimately the integrity of your food. Palm Caterers wants you to feel as comfortable as possible so you can enjoy your family during this holiday without second guessing anything in respect to your food.


Cost Per Person:
Service for Two (2) Guests: $45.00p/p, Plus 7% Tax (Total Cost $96.30)
Meal Contains: 1 Seder Plate, 1 Box of Matzo, 2 Individual Appetizers, 2 Individual Soups, 2 Individual Entrées, 2 Individual Side Dishes & 2 Individual Desserts


Service for Four (4) Guests: $42.00p/p, Plus 7% Tax (Total Cost $179.76)
Meal Contains: 1 Seder Plate, 1 Box of Matzo, 4 Individual Appetizers, 4 Individual Soups, 4 Individual Entrées, 4 Individual Side Dishes & 4 Individual Desserts


Service for Six (6) Guests: $40.00p/p, Plus 7% Tax (Total Cost $256.80)
Meal Contains: 1 Seder Plate, 1 Box of Matzo, 6 Individual Appetizers, 6 Individual Soups, 6 Individual Entrées, 6 Individual Side Dishes & 6 Individual Desserts


Service for Eight (8) Guests: $38.00p/p, Plus 7% Tax (Total Cost $325.28)
Meal Contains: 1 Seder Plate, 1 Box of Matzo, 8 Individual Appetizers, 8 Individual Soups, 8 Individual Entrées, 8 Individual Side Dishes & 8 Individual Desserts

Menu Comes Complete with the Following:

  • (1) Traditional Seder Plate
  • (1) Box Matzo
Appetizer Course: (Please Select One)
  • Palm’s Gefilte Fish Log (2 Pieces Per Person) w/ Yummy Horseradish Sauce (Palm’s Multi Generational Secret Sauce) & Fresh Lemon Wedge Or
  • Traditional Garden Salad w/ Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing
Soup Course: (Please Select One) 
  • Traditional Chicken Matzo Ball w/ Julienne Vegetables Or
  • Beef, Mushroom & Barley Soup
Entrée Course: (Please Select One) 
  • Sliced Brisket of Beef w/ Mushrooms, Carrots & Celery
  • Roasted ½ Chicken w/ Apricot & Orange Glaze
  • Pan Seared Sweet Glazed Salmon w/ Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper
Side Dishes: (Please Select One Per Entree)
  • Crispy Potato Pancakes w/ Apple Sauce
  • Roasted Potato w/ Fresh Herbs
  • Artichoke Mashed Potato
  • Sweet Carrot Tzimmes
  • Roasted Brussel Sprouts
  • Roasted Green Beans Almandine
Dessert Course:
  • Chocolate Dipped Macaroons
  • 7 Layer Cake
  • Fresh Fruit Salad w/ Toasted Coconut & Crazins

Order Details/Deadline:
All orders for Passover 2020 must be received by Monday April 1, 2020.
Please fill out your order sheet & call (954) 931-2449 or (954) 389-9713 to verbally place your order. Payment must be completed when your order is placed using an American Express, Visa or Master Card credit card. There will not be any cash or checks accepted for payments to limit everyone’s exposure to the virus and to keep the payment process as sanitary as possible.

Palm Caterers Passover 2020 order form

Meal Pick-Up Information: 

Orders will be ready for pick-up starting at 12:00 pm on the first day of Passover, Wednesday April 8, 2020. A specific pick-up time/window will be allocated to each order. You will be instructed to pick up your order at Temple Dor Dorim, 2360 Glades Circle, and to stay in your car in our carpool line. Your order will be taken to your car by a Palm Caterers staff member, placed and secured in your trunk or back seat. We will be adhering to the best social distancing practice of all, no personal contact.