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Frequently Asked Questions (updated 9/27/19)

  1. Who selects the new Rabbi?

As  provided  by the Temple Dor Dorim By-laws, a Rabbi search committee shall be appointed and consist of twelve (12) members to include: the Temple President, a search committee Chair, three (3) members of the Board of Trustees, a representative of each of the auxiliaries (Brotherhood, Sisterhood, CHAI, PTO and Empty Nesters) and two (2) additional members of the congregation (who are not members of the Board of trustees) selected by the President.

To expand inclusion of our membership and ensure greater representation as part of the search process, an additional seventeen (17) members are serving on the search committee for a total of 28 members. The committee shall conduct the search process and upon identification of the strongest candidate, make its recommendation to the Board of Trustees. Once our future Rabbi is approved by the Board of Trustees, she\he must also be ratified by a majority vote of the congregation.

The Rabbi Search Committee is comprised of a diverse and dedicated group of congregants representing a wide range of the Temple Dor Dorim community. The following members serve on the Committee:

Peter Shapiro and Neal Topf, Co-Chairs

Adam Silverman – President

Brooke Alweiss – CHAI

Dan Bagner – Brotherhood

Rachel Didio – Sisterhood

Cheri Eisen – Member at large

Amy Kotlar – Board of trustees

Marshall Krolick – Empty Nesters

Lara Baker – Member at large

Debbie Ring – Board of Trustees

Additional search committee members:

David Beilin          Shaun Malvin          Chuck Eiss             Hal Mindel           Lorelei Ennis

Ronni Morrison           Jen Gitlan            Lenore Rosa           Iris Kauffman         Marty Rothbard

Lisa Lerner             Steve Schwartz            Harold Malin          Abby Shephard Smith           Elliot Starman

As a member of the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ), TDD is required to participate in a search process governed by the Rabbi Placement Commission of the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR).  On September 17, 2019, an application on behalf of TDD was submitted to CCAR.  CCAR posts the application on its online database of congregations searching for rabbis. Eligible rabbis interested in our position may request that CCAR forward their resumes to TDD.     


2. What is the process for selecting a new Rabbi?

On March 6, 2019, the Rabbi Search Committee was formed. An interim Rabbi was chosen to serve as our clergy for the 2019-2020. A process to interview and hire a Settled Rabbi will take place throughout the year with the objective of hiring the new Rabbi to begin July 1, 2020. The Rabbi Search Committee will meet frequently to review resumes as we receive them from CCAR and communicates regularly via email. Its work, broadly speaking, involves research, communications, recruitment, interviews, offers and contract negotiation. The Committee will undertake many specific tasks in each of these areas in order to best define TDD’s needs and desires for its next Rabbi.

The search committee has received resumes from prospective candidates from throughout the United States and abroad and shall commence interviewing qualified applicants after the high holidays.


  1. What characteristics and skills are we looking for in the new rabbi?

The Search Committee is using information gathered in our internal committee survey as well as the recent congregational survey paired with the lessons from our experiences and reflections during the last several years to understand the nature of our community, our vision of Temple Dor Dorim to describe the qualities and characteristics we collectively seek in a rabbi. As we move forward in the search process, the search committee desires your input to supplement this information about who we currently are and what we are looking for. We are searching for a rabbi with the skills and personal attributes to help us achieve our goals — even as we recognize that no one person (or one rabbi) is “perfect.”


  1. How much experience is required to be considered as a candidate for the position of Rabbi at TDD?

The CCAR requires that rabbis with three  (3)  or more years of rabbinic experience can apply for Rabbi positions like that at TDD based upon the size of our congregation.


  1. What opportunities will there be for congregants to participate in the search process?

The Committee wants to hear from each congregant in the search for our new Rabbi. Town hall style meetings open to our membership were held at the Temple on April 2 and April 3.

An online survey soliciting the opinions and thoughts of for our membership was circulated on April 9. There will be additional opportunities for membership input as the process moves forward.


  1. How can I share my thoughts about the search process or other ideas I have with the Rabbi Search Committee?

We encourage you to share your thoughts about the search process, your vision for the future of TDD and other relevant topics with members of the Committee. You can send your comments to rabbisearch@templedordorim.org or pshapiro@shapirolawpa.com or ntopf@callzilla.net.


  1. Will my communications with the Rabbi Search Committee be confidential?

YES. We want to be as open, informative and accessible as possible in conducting the search process, while at the same time protecting the privacy of applicants and fostering complete candor in Committee discussions and in private communications with congregants and others. These somewhat conflicting goals will require that the Rabbi Search Committee solicit advice from the members of the Congregation and the Board of Trustees as it deems appropriate and that all deliberations of the Committee be kept strictly confidential. It is our ethical obligation  — as well as the CCAR placement rule — to honor this confidentiality.


  1. Why is the search process kept confidential?

The Rabbinical Placement Commission rules and procedures require that the names and resumes of candidates remain confidential. A primary reason for confidentiality is that the mere suggestion or mentioning that a rabbi is considering another congregation may tarnish his or her current employment relationship to the great detriment of all parties. In addition, the Search Committee must address many personal facts about applicants that are not appropriate for the public domain. Only by assuring confidentiality will the Search Committee achieve open and frank discussions by and about those who apply. After the Search Committee identifies its final candidates, they will be invited to visit our Temple. At that time, their names and credentials will become public. In order to assure the highest ethical standards in our search, however, the remainder of the search process must and will remain confidential.


  1. How are we advertising the opening?

We have posted the position with the Central Conference of American Rabbis which is the primary resource for Reform rabbis searching for a pulpit.


  1. 10. Why are we posting only with the CCAR?

Each accredited rabbinical seminary (the Hebrew Union College- Jewish Institute of Religion, the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, University of Judaism, the Jewish Theological Seminary and Yeshiva University) is affiliated with a specific movement of Judaism and the movement’s umbrella organization of member congregations. Our Congregation is a Reform congregation and is formally affiliated with the Reform movement. The Reform seminary, the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, specifically serves the needs and concerns of Reform Jews. The CCAR is the placement organization for Hebrew Union College rabbis.


  1. How will we hear about the search process as it proceeds? How?

Yes, the Search Committee will post updates on the Temple website.  In addition, you may on occasion receive updates from the Search Committee by email. The Committee will keep you informed of the search process and post periodic updates on this page: dordorim.org/rabbi-search.