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Torah Study with Rabbi Norman Lipson, Emeritus

Stay tuned for dates in the Fall of 2020!
Free and Open to the Community

“Chutzpah and Wisdom With a Twist” with Rabbi Norman Lipson, Emeritus

Mondays in July, 10 – 11:30 AM
July 6, 13, 20, and 27
Registration Required:
$100 Online Through CAJE (Center for the Advancement of Jewish Education)

Rabbinic interpretations of Torah and everyday experiences are as wide-ranging as they are incisive.  Optimally, they show new shadings and color tones hidden within our holy texts, but also within our everyday experiences as well. In this course, translated from the Hebrew works: Ma’asei HaGedolim/Stories of the Greats and Meiotzreinu HaYashan/From Our Old Treasury, collated by  B. Yeushzon, we will enjoy a challenging and exciting journey through the world of interpretation, commentary and of life itself. As always, we will discuss and add our own commentaries. It will be great way to spend a summer day!