Adult Education



Course Descriptions:

An Adult Education Class with Rabbi Lipson

Wednesdays, June 5 – 26

11 am in the Ennis Family Library/Chapel

“One shouldn’t believe in superstitions, but still, it’s best to be careful of them.”

~ Sefer Chasidim/The Book of Righteousness – Germany, 13th Century

Judaism has never given any credence to superstitions, however, many of its followers have not been as adamant. In this four week course, we will learn about (and share) many famous, popular, as well as not so well-known folk beliefs of our People and learn more Jewish traditions than we think we already know.*

*I do not guarantee the efficacy of any of the superstitions or practices that will be studies in class.

Free and Open to the Community

Torah Study with Rabbi Norman Lipson, Emeritus

Resumes Fall 2019!
Thursdays, 9 – 10 am
Free and Open to the Community