Baby and Me Classes

Session 1 – August 26 – October 18, 2019

Complimentary 3-9 Month Old Class for your New Arrival!
If enrollment is low in a particular class, we reserve the right to cancel. We will make every effort to accommodate if possible.

Eyes Wide Open – 3-9 month olds

From the time a child is an infant through their 3rd year of life, important brain connections are being formed. Give your child the experiences that are necessary for development during those early years of life through touching, feeling, smelling and tasting. Our Baby & Me teacher will provide these opportunities through circle time fun, finger plays, sensory experiences, and motor development activities. (One 8 week session is complimentary to newcomers)

Jump Start – 12 months – 3 years (1.5 hours)

Through touching, tasting, seeing and hearing, Sensory Explosion will expose your child to hands-on stimulating experiences as they explore their world. We will be cooking, making play dough, finger painting, playing instruments, and creating “ooey gooey” concoctions. Oatmeal, shaving cream, Gak, sensork tubes and lava cakes are just a few of the materials we’ll be playing with to get messy and immersed in our world! Get ready, get set…let’s get messy!

Discover My World – 10 – 26 month olds

Through touching, tasting, seeing and hearing, explore different sensory experiences with your child. We will be cooking, making playdough, fingerpainting, playing instruments, and making “ooey gooey” creations. Time to get messy!

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